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Garden app »Nymphenburg Palace Park«

Bonus features

We had photos and films made showing unfamiliar views, including spectacular pictures of the palace complex taken from an octocopter. A lot of material was produced, not all of which will be found in the app. We’re showing you some extracts from this here. Have fun looking and listening to it all!


Extra audio tracks

The guiding figure of the app is the garden designer Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, who created the English landscape garden. You can hear what he has to say. The following audio tracks are not in the app.


The octocopter – there were many flights until the perfect picture was produced

These films were made while the app was being produced. We only used the best ones for the app, others were used for internal documentation purposes.


Picture gallery showing the making of the “Nymphenburg Palace Park” app



Article "New garden app: A stroll round Nymphenburg Palace Park"

Article "Nymphenburg palace complex. A stroll round the park and palace"

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