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Nymphenburg Park

Park care today – maintenance and preservation

Picture: Flowerbeds in the parterre at the garden side of the palace


Nymphenburg Palace Park is an example of a baroque garden that has been transformed with great artistic skill into a landscape park. It is thus under the protection of the Bavarian Preservation Office and must be preserved and maintained accordingly.

Conservation and restoration measures are necessary to ensure the appropriate effect is created, display to its best advantage the original substance still remaining and project the original artistic ideas.


Picture: Badenburg Lake

The park section within the walls covers an area of around 180 hectares. The whole Nymphenburg complex with the crescent and the canal on the town side and the green areas west of the park wall totals around 229 hectares. This is divided up as follows:

  • Trees 158 hectares
  • Meadows and lawns 32 hectares
  • Water 20 hectares
  • Paths and squares 19 hectares

There are in addition 4.5 hectares of hedges of varying heights, tub plants and beds of annuals in front of the greenhouses and in the parterre and cour d'honneur, for which almost 140,000 spring and summer plants are grown every year in the park's own nursery.

The gardens and conservation measures have long been in the hands of experienced staff from the state-run Nymphenburg Palace and Park administrative department. Only through continuous, expert care and appropriate use can the Nymphenburg Palace Park be maintained on a long-term basis as part of our cultural heritage.


Picture: The palace park in autumn

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