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Information for people with a handicap

Picture: Nymphenburg Palace


Information for people with mobility impairment

Nymphenburg Palace

  • Separate step-free entrance to the left of the main entrance

  • In the summer access is also possible from the rear of the palace.

  • Step-free access to all main areas via a lift (length: 135 cm, width: 87 cm)

  • Doorways at least 85 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available


Picture: Marstallmuseum


Marstallmuseum and Nymphenburg Porcelain Museum


Step-free entrance to the Marstallmuseum; Porcelain Museum accessible via a lift

  • Step-free access to all main areas via a lift (length: 200 cm, width: 130 cm)

  • Doorways at least 92 cm wide

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • A few seats available


Picture: Nymphenburg Palace and Park


Nymphenburg Palace Park (paths)

  • With only occasional exceptions wheel friendly with few slopes

  • Paths mostly tarred or gravel

  • Seats available



Picture: Magdalenenklause

Park palaces

  • Amalienburg: Step-free access via mobile ramps; please ask the staff.

  • Pagodenburg: Mobile ramps available; access is nevertheless not completely barrier-free, as even with the ramps there is still a high step. Only the ground floor can be visited; the upper floor is only accessible via a narrow staircase.

  • Badenburg and Magdalenenklause: Only accessible via several steps


Disabled parking

There are disabled parking spaces in front of the palace.


Disabled toilets

In the palace and at the rear of the palace

Information for the visually impaired

  • No guidance system for the visually impaired available

  • Audio guide for Nymphenburg Palace available

  • No regular guided tours

Information for the hearing impaired

  • No induction loop for hearing aids available

  • Written information available

Information: Anna Radtke und Thomas Tigges GbR (as of May 2018)

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